Web Design

Not long ago people realized that there was a need for mobile websites that people could view on smart phones and tablets. Many small business owners struggled with the expense of getting one website online and didn’t want to pay for a second mobile version. Today we are making responsive web design which means that the website will actually change its shape in order to fit the device upon which it is being viewed. If you already have a regular website and a mobile website it is still wise to upgrade to just one site that works in all devices. Your second site, the mobile one is being viewed by Google as a duplicated content website and it won’t rank well in search results.

If some programmer is telling you that you need a mobile website, grab your wallet and run!

web design

Anyone who wants you to pay for a second web design for mobile devices apparently doesn’t realize we are now able to make one website that will work on all devices. Today the only type of websites we make are responsive which means they work on all devices.

Web Design

Web design can be divided into these categories. This list covers all types of website development

  • Basic Web Design
  • Ecommerce Web Development
  • CMS – Content Management System
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Advanced Database Programming

Generally speaking basic web design includes what we call static page websites. What this means is that a basic website will not have any back office area where the web developer can login and make changes and updates.

When we speak of ecommerce or e-commerce web design we are talking about any type of online store. An online store can sell physical products which must be shipped to the buyer or it could be digital downloads of music, documents or other files. The online store will have either a third party built shopping cart or a custom developed shopping cart which allows products to be purchased and paid for by using a credit card.

All Content Management System websites or CMS web design will have some part of the website where the owner can login with a user id and password and make changes. These changes will include being able to add text, pictures, videos and adding new pages and entirely new sections to the website. Ideally the CMS should be very easy to use and should not require any special skills or complicated training.

The best South Florida web designers will only offer responsive web design. The reason for this is because so many people are using smart phones and tablets as the primary device they use to go online. If your website isn’t responsive you could make it difficult for about half of the online visitors to use.

With advanced database programming we are able to let our web developers have fun and do what they live for; writing code. We can handle the most complex tasks by using custom database programming.