Since we began as a web design company back in 1995 we saw a need for our clients to be able to make changes and updates on their own. We found that people wanted to be in control and wanted some way that they could make little updates or add entire new sections without paying a web designer or programmer. Since the early days we have been providing South Florida business owners with custom programming and development of Content Management Systems. When you have an easy to use CMS web design then you are able keep your website current without getting an invoice from a programmer.

CMS Web Design

It could be said that there are two different types of Content Management Systems. There are the ready made or off the shelf types such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and others that allow you to add a theme or layout. Most of the programming and layout work are already done which makes these options the more affordable types of CMS web design. The other option is custom programming the Content Management System to do exactly what you want. Since we began as custom programmers in 1995 there is nothing we can’t do with custom programming. For example we created a custom CMS to keep track of multi-level marketing of product sales, commissions and new sales reps. We did a custom CMS development project for a major newspaper that wanted to give rewards such as two for one dinner offers, to their subscribers. If someone canceled their subscription then the rewards would no longer be available. Additionally they wanted to be sure they were getting real subscribers and not people that would sign up and cancel so our website allowed them to get rewards only after they had subscribed for 90 days. We can create something simple using an off the shelf product and save you money or work on a custom CMS web development project to your specifications.

Below you can see a screenshot of the back office or admin area of a custom CMS web design that we made for a client of ours.
cms web design

Below we have some videos that show the types of things our clients can control from their custom developed CMS.

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