Ecommerce web design has always been a big part of what we do. There are many options to consider because an online store can sell downloads without any shipping or calculate shipping on all types of products. Sometimes people ask us “What does a basic ecommerce website cost?” and the problem is that we don’t know what “basic” means. There are so many possibilities to consider and many that the business owner won’t even consider because they don’t know what is possible. The video below gives some ideas of the types of options we have used custom programming to do whatever our clients need.

We have also developed a new system in which we have built in all of the options we thought most people would want in the typical ecommerce web design project. Each time we sell one it is a very simple matter to change the logo, home page banners, contact info and let our customers add the products. For that reason we are now offering very affordable ecommerce web development.

Ecommerce Web Design

affordable ecommerce web design

In the videos shown below you will see many examples of the types of options that are available in ecommerce web design.

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Ecommerce Website Design
Miami Ecommerce Website Designers
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Ecommerce Website Designers
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In addition to the examples in the video here are some things to consider in an ecommerce web development project:


  • Will you want to offer free shipping if the order is over a certain amount?
  • Will you want shipping charges to be a flat fee?
  • Will you want to show UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping costs and let the buyer pick?
  • Would you like a table of rates such as sales of $1.00 to $25 shipping is $5.95 – sales of $26 to $50 shipping is $7.95 and so on?
  • Will your online store be selling items that may be gifts? If so then we would want to allow buyers to select different ship to addresses for each item and checkout only once.
  • Would a customer be likely to buy several items and if so then should we have the website preform some calculation regarding how many items can fit into one box?


  • Do you have physical products that will be shipped to a client?
  • Are any of the products music, reports or some type of documents or files to be downloaded after payment?
  • Will the color of an item change the price?
  • If an item is a different size or color will this change a SKU or model number that you use?
  • Will products be added one by one?
  • Would you prefer to upload products in a spreadsheet?
  • Do the products ship from your location or from your suppliers?
  • If products ship from your suppliers can we set the website to email the supplier with shipping info for your customers?
  • Are any products foods that are perishable that can only be shipped next day air?
  • If you are selling perishable products an order comes in late Thursday should the website inform the buyer of options such as paying extra for Saturday delivery or selecting Monday delivery to arrive Tuesday?
  • Will you want to add on any additional handling charge to cover the cost of the box, packing supplies and labor?
  • If you do want to add on a handling charge would we show it separately or include it in the shipping charge?
  • If you have a large number and variety of products would you want a way to globally change prices such as by the first three digits of a SKU number?
  • Would you want the website to keep track of inventory and email you when you are low on an item?
  • When you are out of an item would you want the item to disappear automatically or show “Temporally out of stock” or some other message?
  • Would you want to be able to delete any reviews you don’t like?

The options above are some of the reasons that people often require custom programming for ecommerce web development.