Wondering about maintenance costs for your new web design? Other companies make a nice profit by charging hourly or monthly maintenance fees. If you are considering your first website or haven’t had a new one built for the last 5-10 years it may seem normal to pay a maintenance fee. The vehicle you drive needs maintenance because it has moving parts and friction will cause them to wear out over time. Our web development work, once completed will not require any maintenance.

Over time you may want to change some text, add a few pictures or videos or even add an entirely new section to your website. None of this will require you to pay a website maintenance fee. You will be able to make all of these changes if you have the most basic computer skills.

There are many options for website hosting today and if you decide to keep your new website hosted with us we guarantee it to work forever. Once again no need for maintenance fees! Of course forever is a very long time and we have been South Florida web designers since 1995. Most companies didn’t even have an online presence back then and we were one of the first web design companies in the Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale areas. Some of our clients from the 1990’s still have their websites hosted with us and if anything goes wrong with their sites we will fix them free of charge.

You may wonder if this is a meaningless offer because after all everything we do is digital. Digital files don’t grow old, wear out or rust so you may question what we are offering to guarantee anyway. We have resolved all of the following problems for our clients at no charge.

  1. Hacked website (Welcome to the club! The FBI had their website hacked too, it can happen to anyone.)
  2. Employee gets fired and deletes portions of the website
  3. Employee makes some mistake and a page of the website doesn’t look right
  4. Intended to add a new page and deleted a page by mistake

Maybe you could hire a freelancer from some foreign country and take your chances when you wire money overseas. You might lose all your money and if it works out and you do get a website cheaper you are still on your own if you ever need help later.

Stick with us and get free support forever.

What makes us better than a freelance website designer?

We have a seasoned team of experts working on each website in order to achieve the optimum results. As a business owner I’ve had to hire and fire many programmers and designers over the years. Lot’s of people are experts at turning in great looking resumes! I discovered a very long time ago that a person who is a skilled programmer is almost never a good web designer. Likewise it is also true that people who are artistic, creative and good at design are not analytical and they make horrible programmers.

Our web design company has a team which consists of:

  1. Two Programmers with Bachelor’s Degrees in Computer Science
  2. Two Website Designers with Bachelor’s Degrees in Commercial Art and Design
  3. A talented Writer with a Master’s Degree in Journalism
  4. Search Engine Optimization Expert to add all the basics features that the search engines look for

What else makes our company different?

  1. We have most of the same highly skilled team members since 1995.
  2. You will deal directly with the owner of the company not some commissioned sales rep.
  3. We don’t charge by the hour, we will tell you the total cost
  4. We have a simple one page agreement you won’t need to be a lawyer to understand!
  5. We have been website designers since 1995 and there is nothing we can’t do!
  6. If you forget how to use some Content Management System functions we will show you how, no charge.

With us you get a full service ad agency working on your website.

You may have heard that Google is always updating their algorithms. Maybe you’ve heard about cute animal names like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird that Google uses related to these changes. You may wonder if you’ll forever have to pay someone to do search engine optimization to keep your website ranking properly. We understand your concerns about the never ending updates Google makes and how these may change the ranking of your website. One thing is likely to always remain constant and that is that Google likes to provide their users with important information on great looking websites. For this reason we often will suggest a blog where you can add useful information once a month, once a week or whenever you like.

Search engines take notice when they see information on your website is changing and they like fresh new content. If you want a social media management company to handle all the blogging and tweeting we can take care of all of that for you. With our one stop shop for all your marketing needs our ad agency can help you with whatever you may require.

What is included when you hire our web design firm?

If you like we can include all of our web design services in the price we give you. Below we have listed some of the services we offer which can be purchased as a total package or just get the individual services listed below that you may need:

  1. Custom Programming
  2. Web Design
  3. Logo Design
  4. Adding or changing images in your image gallery, slideshow, or for a product page
  5. Remove a virus or malware from your website
  6. Moving your website to our hosting servers
  7. Dedicated Servers
  8. Writing professional articles for the content pages
  9. Adding a YouTube archive of videos to your website
  10. Adding a blog post (you provide ongoing content)
  11. Adding a content pages to your website or blog
  12. Adding products on your website including prices, description, images, features
  13. Making text changes to your website
  14. We will set the meta tags on the pages of your site
  15. Run a full backup of your site so you can keep a copy
  16. We will setup your email addresses

What’s not included?

Other South Florida web design firms will provide you with an extensive list of what is not includes and what services will cost extra. We will meet with you and go over all the options that you mention and we will use our experience to suggest some options you may like. We prefer to avoid surprises and give a price that includes everything right upfront. We offer everything you will need; from the most robust, custom programming, to custom web design and search engine optimization. Each of the services we offer will be provided by a highly skilled, well trained professional team member.

Here is a list of programming services we offer

  1. Custom Web Development (most programming languages available)
  2. WordPress Web Design
  3. Joomla Web Design
  4. Drupal Web Design
  5. Database Development (MS SQL, mySQL, Access)
  6. Basic Web Design (all aspects)
  7. Content Management System, design, development and repair of all types of CMS
  8. Graphic Design
  9. Custom Development Of Shopping Cart Systems
  10. Online Marketing
  11. Search Engine Optimization
  12. Ecommerce Web Design
  13. Text Editing
  14. Content Writing
  15. Responsive Web Design
  16. Data-entry
  17. Image Editing
  18. Website Configuration and Installation
  19. General Website Maintenance Tasks
  20. Server Administration Tasks